The Articles of Confederation

These were the basis for the original constitution of the United States, it took the 13 rebelling colonies, as they were at that time, many months to finally agree them…

Greek Influence on the US Constitution

Speaking in March 2019 in the White House, President Donald Trump said that“the U.S and the whole western civilization has been shaped by the achievements of the Greek people.”   I think he was right.  Especially, as it appears that the founding fathers looked at the way the Greek city states ran their democracy. You […]

John Law and the Mississippi Company

  This is a cautionary tale of what can happen to an entire economy when a speculative bubble bursts. It all started with John Law a Scottish economist and gambler, who it was claimed was able to win card games by mentally calculating the odds. Furthermore, he believed that the creation of money led to […]

Did Christopher Columbus discover America?

October 16th 1492 Christopher Columbus’ fleet anchored at “Fernandina” He thought he had reached America! No, he hadn’t he had reached Long Island in the Bahamas. However, he goes down in history as having found America, which of course he didn’t, well not this time.  He crossed the Atlantic another three times starting the Spanish […]