Christmas Shows

Christmas Show – The Star Child -The Christmas Story

Primary School Resource - Christmas Show - The Star Child -The Christmas Story front pageThe exact time and place of the birth of Jesus is the subject of some disagreement, however, this traditional story links his birth with the time of Herod’s rule in Judaea.

Parents always want to see their children performing in the annual nativity show, and they are always so similar.   Therefore, Tim Spencer, the author and composer, decided to create a nativity show that was fun to watch while keeping firmly to the original story. 

Consequently, he composed a calypso number for the arrival of the three wise men, had a bouncy celebration song for the birth and at the end a typical Christmas song.  All songs your children will remember for ever.

He made it a fun and different Christmas Nativity show you can download from that your children can be rehearsing now.

Christmas Show – Saint Nicholas – The Real Santa Claus

Primary School Resource - Christmas Show - Saint Nicholas front pageMany people think that the first Santa Clause was Saint Nicholas, the bishop of Myra.   This musical written by Anthony James tells us the story of the legend that gave us this Santa Claus.

We meet two schoolgirls who are transported back from a snowy Christmas Eve to Myra  1,700 years ago. Once there they meet a young priest who decides he wants to stop three young girls being sold into a life of slavery as their father had lost all his money.

The young Bishop of Myra, Nicholas, throws three bags of gold into their father’s house. The gold means that the girls can now marry the boys they love and avoid the evil slaver Demus, who wants to sell them into a life of poverty and slavery.

This fun and interesting Christmas show is supported by an electrifying music score from Daniel Hewitt, the show and the music tracks can be downloaded today by clicking on

Christmas Show – The Magic Tree – A Story for Christmas

Primary School Resource - Christmas Show - The Magic Tree front pageWhere did the Christmas tree come from?

This fun Christmas musical takes two children on a madcap journey back 700 years to a German forest. They are joined by their magic Christmas tree and two presents from under the tree, a grumpy robot and a cool, dude bear.  

They meet St Boniface and his followers and learn how the tradition of the Christmas Tree began. 

The show, written by Daniel Dalton with songs composed by Daniel Hewitt, is a fictional telling of a traditional story that gives 50 minutes of pure enjoyment with songs full of the spirit of Christmas. You can be rehearsing this Christmas show as soon as you download it at

 Christmas Show – Happy Christmas Tommy – The Christmas Miracle of 1914

Primary School Resource - Christmas Show - Happy Christmas Tommy cover pageThis is a Christmas musical that tells of the futility of war.

It opens with four cold and frightened young British troops who are dreaming of home while pinned in their trench by enemy fire.

Strangely, as Christmas Eve approaches along the Western Front, the enemy shells cease, then Christmas trees appear magically along enemy lines.

Then in a magical moment that has never happened before or since Thomas, Pete, Arthur and Bill meet their German counterparts, as peace and goodwill brings the mighty forces of World War I to a complete and magical halt.

Unfortunately, just for that moment, then the went back to shooting each other!

 Happy Christmas Tommy is a fictional story, that it is based on an historical event that actually happened on Christmas Day 1914. Yes, on that Christmas Day war really stopped! 

This is a Christmas show written by Anthony James is accompanied by a magical musical score of haunting and catchy songs that you will find hard to forget that have been composed by Katherine Brookes. It can be downloaded now by clicking on

Why do a Christmas show?

Should you children take part in a Christmas show is a question asked by many, the easiest way to decide is to click on the links below for some reasons:,practice%20talking%2C%20listening%20and%20looking.,be%20useful%20in%20later%20life.