History Musicals Shows

History Musicals

Let’s Make History FUN 

50 Minute History Musicals with 12 original songs including a one year performance licence.

A complete 50 minute show supplied ready to perform by 15 to 100 children.

Mini Musicals

Bring Your Assembly To Life With A Mini Musical 

These musicals can be performed by as few as 10 or any number of children.

This is a mini version of the parent show, all include three songs from the main show.

Potty Pantos

Specially created short pantomimes that are loosely based well known Pantomimes.  More importantly they are also are  POTTY!


Would you build a small wooden box, fill it with paper and light it? Inside!

Well, that is exactly what Joseph Montgolfier did, and it led to him, with his brother, Étienne Montgolfier, coming up with the first air balloon, which in turn led to the first untethered manned hot-air balloon flight by Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d’Arlandes on November 21, 1783, in Paris, France, in a balloon created by the Montgolfier brothers.

The whole history of flight started one evening in 1782.  Joseph Montgolfier was sitting in front of his fire speculating as to what caused the embers to rise from the fire. He couldn’t decide if the smoke itself made them rise. So, he decided to do what seemed to him obvious, he filled a small box with some crumpled paper and light it! He got his answer, because, when lit, the box rose all the way to the ceiling.

This led him to ….

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