Battle of Britain


Author: Anthony James – Music: Daniel Hewitt




A Story of the Few


Two young school children listen to their grandfather who tells a story of four young people who join the RAF. They learn the importance of Radar, the fear of air raids and the fight against the Luftwaffe before they are caught up in the momentous Battle of Britain itself. Quotes from Winston Churchill’s speeches are used to introduce some of the memorable songs, while the children build a spitfire on the performance area!

Battle of Britain Main Show Script Sample

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The Script

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Music Score

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 MP3 tracks

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Art pack

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Main Show Script with Historical Fact Sheets and Artpack – CD with Performance and Backing racks -Libretto Music Score –  12 month Performance and Video License – Photocopying License – Free Delivery within the UK.

Cast List

Total Characters.  8 main parts, 2 trainee ground crew, 2 ARP wardens, assorted R.A.F. pilots, W.A.A.F. and civilians. (Numbers are flexible).

 Tom –                                      A contemporary schoolboy, Marie’s brother.

 Marie –                                   A contemporary schoolgirl, Tom’s sister.

 Granddad (Old Dizzy) –   The children’s interesting Granddad.

 Dizzy –                                      R.A.F. pilot.

Fred –                                       R.A.F. pilot.

David –                                      Upper class R.A.F. type.

Kathy –                                      W.A.A.F. Operations.

Doris –                                       W.A.A.F. Operations.

Pilot 1 –                                      A brave pilot who becomes Squadron Commander.

 2 Trainee Ground Crew.

2 ARP Wardens, assorted R.A.F. Pilots, W.A.A.F.s and Civilians.

Music Samples

Battle of Britain Main Show Music Samples

Our Great Country

Battle of Britain



My class performed “The Battle of Britain” in February, still the talk of the school!
Wendy Carter

“The Battle of Britain” was fantastic.
Liz Ward, St Edwards PS Manchester