Panto Effects Download 1



We have two EFX downloads to give you everything you need for your Pantomime’s sound man. From evil underscores to Fairy Stings, from comedy playoffs to slapstick drum fill, crashes and bumps.

Panto Effects 1 gives you these musical effects for Pantomime to complete and enhance your production.

1Aladdin Fanfare31Genie Entrance61Royal Fanfare 3
2Ball Scene Playout 132Genie Sting62Sad long sting
3Ball Scene Playout 233Genie Twinkling63Sewer Underscore
4Brash Chords 134Ghost behind you cover64Silent movie long
5Brash Chords 235Gliss Spell65Silent movie medium
6Brash Chords 336Gong 166Silent movie short
7Brash Chords 437Gong 267Siren 1
8Cave Interior38Gun 168Siren 2
9Cheesy Cha Cha Underscore39Gun 269Spirit Underscore
10Cheesy Cha Cha Long End40Gun 370Spooky end of scene
11Cheesy Cha Cha Short End41Gun 471Spooky lair
12Clock chimes and Underscore42Hiowatha Tomtoms72Spooky musical underscore 1
13Cymbal Roll43Knock Knock Knock73Spooky musical underscore 2
14Drums (ALL)44Light Hearted Underscore74Spooky scene change
15Dum Da dum dum DAHHH45Little shop build75Timps 1
16Dum Da dum dum DAHHH 246Low string rumble76Timps 2
17Emporer Fanfare47Magical Elongated Sting77Timps 3
18Evil exit sting48Magical Entrance78Timps 4
19Evil Military Underscore49Magical scene change79Timps 5
20Evil Scene Change50Magical to Evil80Wah wah wah wah
21Evil underscore 151Musical clunking lift play in81Twinkle and string hold
22Evil underscore 252Musical clunking lift main82Twinkles 1
23Fairy exit sting53Musical mirror83Twinkles 2
24Fairy Sting 154Oriental Fanfare84Twinkles 3
25Fairy Sting 255Oriental scene opening85Vaudeville Scene Change
26Fairy Underscore 156Oriental Sting86Viols trem 1
27Fairy Underscore 257Palace Build 187Viols trem 2
28Fight Music 158Palace Build 288Viols trem 3
29Fight Music 259Royal Fanfare 189Xylophones (ALL)
30Mild honk60Royal Fanfare 2



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